Erasmus Policy Statement

Kutahya Sağlık Bilimleri Üniversitesi (KSBU) is one of the newest health university established in 2018. Currently, KSBU
has 4 faculties, 4 vocational schools and one institute in health sciences. KSBU offers variety of health degrees in various
Bachelor's, master's and doctoral courses. Our university is home to academicians graduating from prestigious universities
in our country and the world.
Internationalization is one of the main strategies of our University. KSBU is ready to take its place in the international
academic community with its high quality education, technological and scientific infrastructure and cultural structure. The
priority area of our university is health, which should be developed in every region of the world. With the joint projects we
will make in the field of health, it will contribute greatly to the needs of our region and the world.
The agreements we will make with other countries, especially Europe, will help us to remove the boundaries and overcome
the obstacles to reach knowledge.
In addition to making agreements with countries European union, KSBU is also planing expanding these partnerships with
the non-European country and regions. Balkan countries, African countries and Middle Easters countries which do not
require a visa in our country, are our partner candidates. These countries are currently eligible for our students, coming
from low socio-economic levels, to maintain their lives.
One of the most important objectives of our mobility activities for our students and staff is to create a multicultural
environment in our university and also we want to destroy prejudgments to each other and thus scientific progress will
improve. Mobility opportunities ensured by Erasmus+ program will also expand the experience of our students and staffs.
All students (include students in first, second and third cycles) and our academic and administrative staffs are the main
groups who will benefit from mobility activities.

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